Featured Case: Marbled Murrelet

Cascadia Wildlands is working with allies at the Center for Biological Diversity, Portland Audubon Society and Crag Law Center to halt the ongoing "take" of the Endangered Species Act-listed marbled murrelet on three of Oregon's state forests. In Cascadia Wildlands et al v. Kitzhaber et al, plaintiffs argue that the older rainforest clearcutting in occupied marbled murrelet habitat on the Elliott, Tillamook and Clatsop State Forests is contributing to "take" of the species which is strictly prohibited by law.

It is important to understand that this lawsuit may be the single most important lawsuit that Cascadia Wildlands has ever filed.  In essence, we have labored nearly a decade to forward sound management for this elusive little marine bird and the state of Oregon's response has been to accelerate timber harvesting in occupied habitats and disregard what science — often done by their own scientists or contractors — says about the needs of the birds and management regimes.  We could no longer stand by and watch this tragedy unfold.  We took a big step in launching this case and we hope our friends and bird lovers everywhere do what they can to support us in these important efforts. This imperiled seabird needs our help and we need your help to get the job done.

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Press releases

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