Rickard Creek

Cascadia Wildlands has partnered with The Center for Biological Diversity and Benton Forest Coalition to challenge the BLM’s Rickard Creek timber sale in Oregon’s Coast Range near Corvallis.   The project will clearcut mature forest with impressive legacy structure in an area where mature forest is at a premium, furthering the plight of the red tree vole.   The vole, an old-growth dependent rodent and important prey base of the northern spotted owl, has recently been identified by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service as in danger of extinction in the Coast Range.

This lawsuit will not only protect an imperiled species vital to the health of mature forest ecosystems, but also will block another attempt by the BLM to circumvent the requirements of the Northwest Forest Plan, an attempt which would establish dangerous precedent throughout Oregon and the Northwest.  This project is staunchly opposed by nearby residents and recreationalists in the Benton Forest Coalition and Cascadia is proud to defend Oregon’s rural landowners against the corporate interests which dominate the BLM’s agenda.


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