Live Wildly

There are so many things that you can do to help us “keep it wild” in your day-to-day lives. Some of them are as simple and straightforward as making a periodic or monthly electronic donation, but there other options, too, that range from volunteering to working as a virtual ambassador to Cascadia Wildlands and bringing others into our community. All these means of involvement are rewarding in their own way.

Be Wild Monthly: Giving to Cascadia Wildlands on a monthly basis helps sustain the organization, particularly through our leanest times, such as during the summer months and early Fall. Please consider making a monthly contribution by signing up here.
Wear Your Wild: From time to time Cascadia Wildlands will sell campaign-related or organizational merchandise. We do so strategically and sparingly. Visit our merchandise page to view our current options.
Throw a Wild Party: Cascadia Wildlands thrives only when we receive community support, period. If we want to increase the impact of our programs, we need to build our community. One of the ways we do that is by making presentations to interested people at house parties hosted by engaged community members. These are fun and informative events. Please let us know if you are interested in opening your home and inviting your friends to "be wild". Contact Kaley, kaley(at)cascwild(dot)org, for more details and support.
Be Wild: If there is one constant at Cascadia Wildlands it is this: There is always more work to be done than we can do! Luckily, members of our community have stepped forward to help with everything from stuffing envelopes to staffing our information booths at events. Volunteers also lead hikes to wild places in need of protection. Not only that, in this electronic age, our supporters are increasingly active in helping us spread the word through social networks such as Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. All this work on our behalf is appreciated, and key to our success. Please see our volunteers page for profiles of some of our volunteers.
Share Your Wildness: Our biggest event of the year is our Wonderland Auction in early December. Many members of our community help our efforts by donating significant goods and services to this event and others. Please consider making a gift or volunteering for this event here.
Drive Someone Else Wild: If you are like many of us, who struggle with the issue of consumerism but still want to celebrate special events and special people, Cascadia Wildlands has a perfect option for you: A gift membership. This option demonstrates your personal commitment to a loved one as well as to our vanishing wild places. Drive someone wild here!
Make Your Stuff Wild: Our office is a little bit like a one-room schoolhouse with too many students. So, we actively try to minimize the amount of clutter, and save precious space. That said, there are times when we need items that might have been pre-owned, or underutilized. Please take a moment to see (here) if what you want to clear out of your space is something that we might need desperately!
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