Why Give?

Spirit Falls, Umpqua National Forest (James Johnston)

Cascadia Wildlands is very proud of our “lean and mean” reputation. We take pride in it because we earn it – and re-earn it – every day. As many of you know, we do so much with so little, and that will always be a core part of our organizational identity and ethos. But, like any nonprofit organization, we also have real needs. Some of these are obviously for more funds, but not always. There are many other ways to contribute to our organization and to our mission. To “keep it wild” we all need to work together!
Please visit: Live Wildly, Work Wildly, Invest Wildly, and Plan Wildly.
When you give to Cascadia Wildlands, in any capacity that is comfortable to you, you will have the satisfaction of knowing you are helping to protect the most threatened wild places and wildlife from Northern California to Southcentral Alaska.
Since our inception, in 1998, we have achieved many successes. And these successes would not have been possible without the support of donors and partners like you.

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