Can We Really Afford Cattle as King Any Longer?

–By Bob Ferris

Over the past several months I have written several pieces on wolves and public lands grazing.  I have written about the ecological impact of cattle.  I have written about the economic impact of cattle.  And I have written about the undue influence of the livestock industry on conservation organizations and public agencies–it should not be lost on folks that the Department of the Interior is run by a rancher.  But none of those pieces seems to hit as hard this piece from King 5 in Seattle.  Why indeed should we pay $80 for a parking pass when cattle pay $1.35?  Why should we invest $75,000 of tax payer dollars to protect $1000 in revenue?  

Please watch the video and pass it along (you can use the share buttons below).  And please sign our petition to the US Fish and Wildlife Service to continue federal protection for western wolves.  This is where we should be spending our time and money–keeping it wild.  

9 thoughts on “Can We Really Afford Cattle as King Any Longer?

  1. erthmama says:

    Please stop killing wolves for the damn cattle………….if it's government owned land, then it should be too bad, so sad…..wolves have the right to be there…..even moreso than stupid cattle………..Wolves only take out the diseased and sick animals……..thank them for that…..not kill them for that. Cause you for damn sure, we would be eating that crap, cause they send it to the stores!!!!!!!

  2. jacqueline conquest says:

    First Female Wedge Pack Wolves, Murdered by WDFW psychically leads me hot on the trail to uncover ‘what really happened’!
    The first female wolf of the Wedge Pack Wolves that was murdered by WDFW, psychically came too me (right before the WDFW had gunned down the rest of her pack) and she (first wolf murdered) psychically told me they were scapegoated, hated and that they (the ranchers) had poisoned one of them.  I was stunned! Jumped up immediately, I went to the WDFW website tracking the wolf situation and shockingly discovered biologists had found a young dead wolf on the DiamondM property, “A WDFW marksman killed a non-breeding member of the pack on August 7, and about two weeks later, biologists found the decomposed carcass of a young wolf within the Diamond M herd’s grazing area. The young wolf had not been shot, and the cause of death could not be determined."”.  
    I felt more shaken to discover more evidence that the Female Wolf provided me with when she directed me to an article where the DiamondM’s owner discloses very revealing information.   As follows: Diamond M’s owner,  Mcirvin's, says “McIrvin, said … the only compensation he's interested in is a dead wolf for every dead calf…."   Quotes from McIrvin are referenced from this artical on the web:    
    Bottom line, Mcirvin got exactly what he manipulated the WDFW to implement his plan kill the entire pack, which was a family, and much more positive in helping our ecosystem and our entire landscape than these cattle ranchers that are destroying our environment and precious sacred wildlife.  Of, course this is no surprise.  The Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar is a 7th generation Cattle Baron serving a CONFLICT OF INTEREST position and serving the self interest of Big Cattle, mining, oil and agriculture.  Ken Salazar has almost succeeding in making the Wild Horses and Burros extinct and now the Wolves.    It astounds me at how big cattle control our government.  We are brainwashed to eat meat.  Stop eating meat and save our planet and your physical, emotional, mental health.
    Obviously, after my experience of psychically communication with, this beautiful soul the female wolf, I feel even more connected and very bonded with the wolves.  And I have a vested interest in helping them for she, first female wolf killed, BTW, she told me her name is Lala, contacted me to help and I know with my whole being everyone that loves the wolves feels their soul deep within each of us.  We must be their voice.  I know energy work and karma is real.  I imagine all the perpetrators warring upon the wolves and us are contained inside a self contained Orb.  Whatever, they put out, like a boomerang it swings back! The wolves are not predators.  They are living out their natural lives.  The ‘real’ predators are the humans that want to continue to rape and pillage our Sacred Mother Earth. 
    The following is part of the discovery Lala, helped me to uncover.  And, my emailed testimony for the commission that had the hearing after the wolves were murdered.  Here is the link for the commissions hearing:  The latest Fish and Wildlife Commission Meeting is available to watch online via TVW at  Below are links to the coverage of Item 7 – 2012 Wolf Plan Implementation Activities.
    Scapegoated? Poisoned? Murdered under probable false accusations? Why is the wolf always blamed for humans ill will?! I have grave concern that the recent killings of the Wedge Wolf Pack 9/27/12 by the WDFW was not fully investigated for just cause for example, a young wolf was found dead on the Diamond M ranch. Referenced here: ("WDFW began to lethally remove wolves from the pack in early August, as its pattern of predation began to escalate despite non-lethal efforts by the rancher and the department to prevent the attacks. A WDFW marksman killed a non-breeding member of the pack on August 7, and about two weeks later, biologists found the decomposed carcass of a young wolf within the Diamond M herd’s grazing area. The young wolf had not been shot, and the cause of death could not be determined."

  3. stephan mccartney says:

    Please help to keep our wildlife alive for our grand children & their grandchildren

  4. Lee says:

    I see 2 problems here, The wolf is a preditor to the cattle. But $75,000 to kill them- that's where the real investigation should be… the waist of tax payers money. The state could have easily printed tags and let a few hunters take care of the problem. Now I know many of you wont even look past my first sentence because you belive in allowing all animals free reign…. I wonder what you would think or do if a wolf had your child cornered…. yes they are a dog, but they are not like domestic dogs. Some animals should be protected yes like the Bald Eagle but others should not.

  5. John Cox says:

    It is this simple, these are what is called Welfare Ranchers, and similar in all purpose to Corporate Welfare..  The story they gave to the news people untrue.  We as taxpayers spend billions of dollars on Welfare Ranchers, they pocket the money as 100% profit.  Their need for support eliminated decades ago, to cattle ranchers on Public Lands.  Cattle do more harm to Public Lands, and at a return to the tax payer doubled for the same beef — tax money and then at the store and sold to us at premium prices — tax payers obtain nothing in return from Welfare Ranchers on our Public Lands, which produce less than 2% of beef production within the United States!  They pay $1.45 cents per AUM (1 cow 1 calf) on our Public Lands, commercial ranchers pay anywhere from $75 to $90 per AUM, pay the same upkeep if not more on their commercial ranches, and remain prfoitable, with no tax miney given to them what so ever — Taxpayers are being ripped off by these Welfare Ranchers! 

  6. Bob M says:

    Short, sweet, succinct article, Mr. Ferris. 
    Now for the rest of the story: Stevens and Ferry counties, home to the Diamond M, receive respectively $2.23 and $3.15 in tax benefits for each $1.00 paid in taxes. The hated government provides 37% and 65% of the total salary base of the two counties. Ag, Forestry, Hunting and Fishing are 2.4% and 0.6% of the counties’ wage base. In Washington State Ag, Forestry, Hunting and Fishing is 1.5% of the total wage base.
    According to Washington Beef, the 2009 statewide value of beef production was $473 Million. The non-tax-exempt value of beef ranching was $11 Million, according to the Department of Revenue. In simple terms, cattle ranchers pay no B&O (Business & Occupation) tax. The Gross Domestic Product (non-tax-exempt revenue) of Washington was $564 Billion.
    The 2011 National Survey of Fishing, Hunting and Wildlife-Associated Recreation shows that Hunting expenditures in Washington State were $356 Million. Wildlife Watching expenditures were $3.1 Billion.
    Reread that last sentence, Wildlife Watching is almost 9 times hunting, and 6.5 times Cattle Ranching, and 282 times the Non-Tax-Exempt Cattle Ranching Revenues.
    Now, how much are you willing to pay to kill wildlife for cattle? But wait, there’s more. These are some statements from profiles by labor economists at Employment Security Department:
    “Stevens County tends to have one of the highest unemployment rates as well as a lower labor force participation rate in the state. Stevens County employment growth has been sporadic since 2000. Over the last three years total growth has been very negative to anemic and in 2009, a larger than typical decline in employment occurred. In 2010 and through most of 2011, employment growth has remained slightly negative or anemic. The unemployment rate has remained higher than was normal for most of the prior decade, especially when compared to the state or the nation. This is especially true over the last three years as the unemployment rate has been over 12 percent.”
    “Over the last 20 years, total employment growth has been slightly negative. Losses in manufacturing employment account for most of this decline.
    “Major industry sectors in Ferry County are mining, resource extraction and government. Of these, government employment continues to face looming budget reductions.
    “Ferry County payroll estimates showed very little change through most of 2011. Ferry County tends to have one of the highest unemployment rates and lowest labor force participation rates of any county in Washington. The unemployment rate has remained higher than was normal for most of the prior decade, especially when compared to the state or the nation.”
    So, people are willing to pay to see wildlife, but because a “way of life” exists that has been unable to create an economy that can contribute to the state, to the county, or even gainfully to employ its citizens, the WDFW further tries to underwrite an inefficient business model by destroying the inventory of a growth business—wildlife watching—that is a major employer, revenue source, and tax contributor. If Canadian megagreys are over-running Ferry and Stevens counties, I would suggest they work to develop wildlife watching. There are better places to raise cattle than on public lands in some of the most predator-friendly habitat in the state. Times change, successful businesses change with the times, and with competition. That’s the true American way of life.

  7. Skye C. says:

    Rumor has it that TLC is to start filming their latest reality show in Ferry County,
    "Backward Brands: Cattlemen of the Okanogan Highlands".

  8. Rosemary Lowe says:

    Come now, if hunters are going to write on blogs, they should learn to spell and use proper grammar. The wolves are not the problem: the greatest "predator" on this planet is The Human Species, which is generally unintelligent, barbaric and greedy, with no concept of what Nature is truly about.
    I agree some "animals" should be protected (like non-humans), and others (like most stupid humans), should not.

  9. Rosemary Lowe says:

    Excellent comments, John! So glad to see someone use the term "Welfare Ranchers" again, since they hate the term! The Livestock Industry is a major contributor to Global Climate Change, a destroyer of native wildlife and wildlands, and an economic detriment to society.
    All Public Lands Ranching should be abolished–now! Until The Livestock Industry is off all public lands, no wolves, coyotes, bobcats, mountain lions, prairiedogs, wolverines or any other native animals will be safe. It is a War Against the Wild.
    Please sign and share this petition with others:

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