Decision on wolf protections in Lower 48 delayed


by The Associated Press

May 20, 2013
BILLINGS — Federal wildlife officials are postponing a much-anticipated decision on whether to lift protections for gray wolves across the Lower 48 states.
In a court filing Monday, government attorneys say “a recent unexpected delay” is indefinitely holding up action on the predators. No further explanation was offered.
Gray wolves are under protection as an endangered species and have recovered dramatically from widespread extermination in recent decades.
More than 6,000 of the animals now roam the continental U.S. Most live in the Northern Rockies and western Great Lakes, where protections already have been lifted.
A draft proposal to lift protections elsewhere drew strong objections when it was revealed last month.
Wildlife advocates and some members of Congress argue that the wolf’s recovery is incomplete because the animal occupies just a fraction of its historical range.

2 thoughts on “Decision on wolf protections in Lower 48 delayed

  1. Louise Kane says:

    Terrible reporting as usual. I hope for the best and that maybe this an indication of the direction S Jewell is taking but also fear it may be a short reprise while the big guns are being readied. Lets hope not

  2. bob says:

    Yes we are scratching our heads over some of the wording but it is an AP story. This comes on the heels of letters from Congressman Raul Grijalva and a dozen or so prominent wolf scientists who were very critical of the leaked delisting rule. Too soon to tell what it means but the US FWS should have know that their original concept is not viable scientifically.

    Bob Ferris

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