To BLM: Derbies Should be Cute Little Hats, Not Killing Contests

“This is an incredible opportunity to team up with our [sic] son or daughter during Christmas break and spend some quality time in the gorgeous Salmon, Idaho Country! Some of our objectives are to teach hunting skills, gun safety and wolf disease prevention to our youth and others.” From 2013 promotion materials for the Salmon Predator Derby  
By Bob Ferris
Most of us think that “derbies” are funny little hats worn by Leprechauns and the father in Mary Poppins. But when you combine coyote or wolf with that funny little chapeau, the meaning and association become much less funny. Coyote Close up In truth, there is nothing cute or endearing about coyote and wolf derbies—that is—unless you feel that ignorance and fear are attractive traits.
So why would a federal agency even consider allowing a misguided group known as Idaho for Wildlife to conduct one of these killing contests as a fundraiser on lands owned by all of us?  Yes this is the same group that was deploying the so-called long-range tactical wolf hunters and offering bounties on wolves in Idaho.  Yes this is the same group that is spreading false information about wolves and disease ripping a page right out of Jim Beers' handbook (see here for a few facts on this).  
And yes this is the group that is fighting the other group that hates wolves because they do not tell the truth but is supported by other groups who hate wolves and spread misinformation including the group headed by a convicted elk poacher and ironically called Save Our Elk.  (I simply cannot make this stuff up.)
So when we distill this all down we have a group that spreads misinformation about wolves, wanting to raise money to spread that misinformation by creating a contest (based on fear and myths) on federal lands owned by all of us during a time (winter) when deer and elk—the species that they want to protect—are food challenged and most sensitive to human presence and stress.  (Why does an image of torches and pitchforks pop into my mind?)  
Before we all die of irony poisoning, please take a moment to give some feedback to BLM on this matter. 

6 thoughts on “To BLM: Derbies Should be Cute Little Hats, Not Killing Contests

  1. Paula Powers says:

    I oppose KILLING DERBY's  because it teaches that killing innocent animals is an okay thing to do-the animals you kill have families, feelings, and are not even killed for food-but for "sport"  I find no sport in killing something for "fun"  it is not fun it is slaughter plain and simple and I oppose it because it does not teach reverence for living beings-if it is okay to slaughter wolves and coyotes, then maybe it is okay to torture and torment kitties and puppies too or PEOPLE

  2. Mel Scamman says:


    Loved that line about tourches and pitchforks. 🙂

  3. Mel Scamman says:


    Paula, they ( wolf killers ), say they use live puppies, nailed to trees to bait a wolf pack to come to see what was going wrong, then blast away with an AR-15.  I couldn't make that stuff up!



  4. Lyndi says:

    It's obvious that these Hunter Derbies and the BLM are a bunch of "Devil Incarnates" when it comes to killing innocent wild animals.  Just remember you idiots:  "You will reap what you sow!"

    Just for the record, You all are not in control;  God is in control just in case you forgot that.  With that in mind, I hope that you reap like hell what you deserve.  Then the bad deeds will be on you, and you deserve what you get.   


  5. Chandie Bartell says:

    Bob Ferris provide your data that the information about Echinococcus granulosus is false from the IFW site.  The information isn't coming from Jim Beers, even though he is one source of wolf diseases, the information is a Echinococcus genotype study being conducted at Colorado University, so quit lying. 

  6. bob says:


    You are indeed entertaining but you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.

    Bob Ferris

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