Donate Office Items


Thank you for considering donating items to our office and for our operations. Currently, we are looking for the following:
1. High end Mac or PC laptop or desktop computers
2. High-capacity scanner
3. Recycled printer paper
4. High quality office sign for outside of our building. (Any sign makers/woodworkers in the ranks?)
5. A new office. (Cascadia Wildlands would love to call a place our own. Do you have an office building/house in the downtown Eugene viscinity? Ideally, we are looking for 1,000-1,200 sf to rent or own. Is our sugar mama/papa out there?)
Please email Operations and Communications Director Kaley CoslowSauer or call her at 541.434.1463 if you can help with any of these needs.
(Copper River Delta. Photo by Brett Cole.)
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