OR17 with a 2013 pup of the Imnaha pack. Subadult wolves assist in the raising of pups (photo by ODFW).

Keep Federal Wolf Protections

Wolves remain under threat, they need your help.
Be their voice.

The US Fish and Wildlife Service is still considering their draft proposal to delist gray wolves in the West, with the exception of Mexican wolves in the Southwest.

Gray Wolf, ODFWSTo make this easier they are also trying to re-write history and the intent of the 1973 Endangered Species Act and the 1978 relisting of the gray wolf throughout most of the United States by redefining what is meant by β€œsignificant portion of its range” and even the concept of a species range itself. We must reverse this trend as wolves are just beginning to return to historic habitats and need thier federal protections maintained.

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NumberDateDateLocationIn one sentence, what would you like to tell US Fish and Wildlife Service Director Dan Ash about the proposed gray wolf delisting in most of the lower 48 states?...
1930 Fri Sep 18 06:12:44 EDT 2020 annie c Marans, ot , FR
1929 Thu Sep 17 19:52:50 EDT 2020 Tammy Matherlee UT ,
1928 Thu Sep 17 00:19:53 EDT 2020 Anonymous Richmond Heights, MO , USA Wolves need their Federal Protections maintained as they return to their historic habitats and don\'t need you "rewriting history" nor the original intent of the 1973 Endangered Species Act & 1978 Relisting More....
1927 Wed Sep 16 20:01:00 EDT 2020 Michael Workman Cape Canaveral, FL , United States save the wolves!
1926 Tue Sep 08 09:40:37 EDT 2020 Mark Mansfield Geneva, NY , United States
1925 Tue Sep 08 09:40:09 EDT 2020 Mark Mansfield Geneva, NY , United States
1924 Mon Sep 07 20:44:40 EDT 2020 Theodora Sullivan Raleigh, NC , Wolves maintain an balance in our ecosystem. Please protect them.
1923 Mon Sep 07 13:41:34 EDT 2020 s klof SALEM, OR , United States Wolves are important in the environment as a key species. We need to accommodate them.
1922 Sun Sep 06 10:54:29 EDT 2020 Christine Schneebeli Geneva, ot , Switzerland
1921 Fri Sep 04 21:02:06 EDT 2020 Debra Curci Toms River, NJ , United States Delisting the gray wolf is a disaster for wolves, humans and the environment. These majestic animals are critical to maintaining a balanced ecosystem. Killing them will serve no purpose other than to More....
1920 Fri Sep 04 05:49:20 EDT 2020 Laurie Anderson Cottage Grove, OR , USA
1919 Fri Sep 04 00:57:45 EDT 2020 Claudia Cravens Roseville, CA , United States Stop Welfare Ranching and listen to your constituency!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1918 Fri Sep 04 00:45:58 EDT 2020 Nancy Dollard Uniontown, OH , US NATURAL PREDATORS like GRAY WOLVES NEED FEDERAL PROTECTIONS or they will be CRUELLY hunted to EXTINCTION by those that do NOT respect the lives of NATURAL predators!
1917 Thu Sep 03 22:04:38 EDT 2020 Janice Banks Center Barnstead, NH , United States Mr. Ash, Why must you be asked to not delist them? Please save them. When you take any action to maintain, preserve, repair Earth and all life on it, it is the correct action. Thank you.
1916 Thu Sep 03 21:49:16 EDT 2020 Sally Martin Oregon City, OR , United States
1915 Thu Sep 03 21:48:33 EDT 2020 Sally Martin Oregon City, OR , United States Wolves were reintroduced to the lower 48 I believe that was about 50years ago but in most states it has only been about 20, if removed from Their current status they will be gone in about 10 .
1914 Thu Sep 03 20:31:38 EDT 2020 Nena Cook Newport, WA , United States DON\'T DELIST THEM TRY SAVING THEM!!
1913 Thu Sep 03 19:30:07 EDT 2020 Beth Chao Lawrence , KS , United States of America Wolves are an extremely important part of a healthy ecosystem and deserve protections.
1912 Thu Sep 03 18:32:14 EDT 2020 Janet Robinson Jacksonville, FL , United States Wolves are an apex predator and help keep the environment in check and they have just as much right as anyone to live on this earth.
1911 Thu Sep 03 18:23:33 EDT 2020 James Mulcare Clarkston, WA , United States
1910 Thu Sep 03 17:52:08 EDT 2020 Tracy Boyle Chicago, IL , United States of America
1909 Thu Sep 03 17:23:17 EDT 2020 Diane Bolte-Silverman Eugene, OR , United
1908 Thu Sep 03 17:12:02 EDT 2020 Robert Bonometti Winchester, VA , United States Do NOT DeList!
1907 Thu Sep 03 16:37:32 EDT 2020 Bijan Foroutan Encino, CA , U.S.A. Do not delist wolves.
1906 Thu Sep 03 16:35:21 EDT 2020 Bijan Foroutan Encino, CA , U.S.A.
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