OR17 with a 2013 pup of the Imnaha pack. Subadult wolves assist in the raising of pups (photo by ODFW).

Keep Federal Wolf Protections

Wolves remain under threat, they need your help.
Be their voice.

The US Fish and Wildlife Service is still considering their draft proposal to delist gray wolves in the West, with the exception of Mexican wolves in the Southwest.

Gray Wolf, ODFWSTo make this easier they are also trying to re-write history and the intent of the 1973 Endangered Species Act and the 1978 relisting of the gray wolf throughout most of the United States by redefining what is meant by “significant portion of its range” and even the concept of a species range itself. We must reverse this trend as wolves are just beginning to return to historic habitats and need thier federal protections maintained.

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NumberDateDateLocationIn one sentence, what would you like to tell US Fish and Wildlife Service Director Dan Ash about the proposed gray wolf delisting in most of the lower 48 states?...
1796 Mon May 18 17:25:23 EDT 2020 Anonymous Wexford, PA ,
1795 Sun May 17 10:36:42 EDT 2020 dan horton Tucson, AZ , United States
1794 Sun May 17 10:35:29 EDT 2020 Deanna Horton Tucson, AZ , United States
1793 Fri May 15 10:44:42 EDT 2020 Debra Machka Westlake, OH , United States
1792 Fri May 15 10:26:06 EDT 2020 Sandra Materi Casper, WY , US
1791 Thu May 14 22:26:19 EDT 2020 Jon Seaman OR ,
1790 Thu May 14 17:05:02 EDT 2020 Bridget Irons Philadelphia, PA , USA The gray wolf is vital to natural systems and so crucial protections must not be threatened.
1789 Thu May 14 16:38:35 EDT 2020 SANDRA VITO valencia, ot , España
1788 Thu May 14 16:36:58 EDT 2020 SANDRA VITO valencia, ot , España
1787 Thu May 14 16:32:54 EDT 2020 Aurora Luz Ashland, OR , USA Mr. Ash, species diversity is vital to healthy planets, this is the only one we have, our future generations are depending on you making the right decisions for our children’s Heritage, not the pocketbooks More....
1786 Thu May 14 16:27:50 EDT 2020 Anderon Martell Eugene, OR , USA Mr. Dan Ash,
Preserving our natural ecosystems & keeping Gray Wolves on the endangered species list is our responsibility & a part of our Children’s heritage! Do it for the future generations of More....
1785 Thu May 14 15:48:57 EDT 2020 Cat Thomas Richmond , VA , USA
1784 Thu May 14 15:38:29 EDT 2020 Nena Cook Newport, WA , United States keep wolves protected its your job!
1783 Thu May 14 14:25:17 EDT 2020 John Altshuler Eugene, OR , United States When the life and death of our planet are in play it is wise to err on the side of caution therefore I believe we should not delicious wolves or any other endangered specie regardless of any recently improved More....
1782 Thu May 14 14:05:02 EDT 2020 RITA LEMKUIL Two Rivers, WI , United States
1781 Thu May 14 13:55:33 EDT 2020 James Mulcare Clarkston, WA , United States The wolf is a keystone species that significantly contributes to the overall health of it\'s natural environment.
1780 Thu May 14 13:50:43 EDT 2020 Bartley Deason Darby, MT , US
1779 Thu May 14 13:49:31 EDT 2020 James Hicks FALLS CREEK, PA , US
1778 Thu May 14 13:27:47 EDT 2020 Kathy Lyles-Diers Wichita, KS , United States
1777 Thu May 14 13:27:18 EDT 2020 John Burridge East Providence, RI , US
1776 Thu May 14 13:25:38 EDT 2020 J. David Scott Cottage Grove, OR , U.S.
1775 Thu May 14 13:25:31 EDT 2020 Lasha Wells Saint Petersburg, FL , United States
1774 Tue May 12 03:18:27 EDT 2020 Elaine Fischer Roanoke, VA , US Healthy ecosystems NEED large predators to keep prey species from overgrazing, overpopulating, causing soil erosion, widespread disease and starvation.
1773 Sun May 10 23:31:40 EDT 2020 Laurence Mong Scottsdale, AZ ,
1772 Sun May 10 21:46:41 EDT 2020 Michele Villeneuve Kingsport, TN , US
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