• Located in coastal rainforest north of highway 126
  • 33,000 acre project area: 25,200 acres in Siuslaw FO, 6,300acres in Mary’s Peak FO
  • Targets Late Successional Reserve (forest set aside to become old) and Riparian Reserves (waterways) including known spotted owl and marbled murrelett habitat for commercial logging.
  • Would log stands ranging in age from 30-130 y/o for commercial thinning.
  • Includes 10 watersheds: Lake Creek, Long Tom River, Wild Cat Creek, Deadwood Creek, Five Rivers, Lower Siuslaw River, and Upper Alsea River.Mostly in the Lake Creek Watershed


Timber production mandates appears to be a primary reason why this project is being proposed and pursued.  These lands are designated Late Successional and Riparian Reserve and should be set aside for protection, not for timber production. Cascadia Wildland’s field checking team has explored this timber sale extensively and found many old growth groves in the middle of proposed timber sale units. These places should not be targeted for logging.

We are also concerned that this scale is proposed on such a large landscape. In addition to uncovering many old forest groves, Cascadia’s field checking team has found unmarked waterways and even a historic fire tower in the middle of the timber sale. We are concerned to find these places currently in the logging proposal. Forest management must be based in site-specific understandings of stand conditions, not on a landscape level. We are concerned that the scale of this project makes it difficult for site-specific analysis to be possible.

Visit BLM’s project documents.