Cascadian Connections: Mountains, Rivers and Minds

By Bob Ferris   I just received a holiday card from a friend my wife and I met a decade ago on Santa Cruz Island across the water from Santa Barbara. We met during a weekend work party removing alien, invasive eucalyptus trees from the reserve owned by The Nature Conservancy. Nothing remarkable here.  What … Continue reading Cascadian Connections: Mountains, Rivers and Minds

Many deserve credit for Waldo vote

Letter to the Editor in the Register-Guard July 30, 2013 During its recent session the Legislature banned gas motors, including float planes, on Waldo Lake, finally bringing peace and quiet to a 20-year debate. From now on, everyone can enjoy Waldo Lake with clean, weed-free boats with no motors (or an electric motor if you … Continue reading Many deserve credit for Waldo vote

GE-Free Seafood Campaign Launched

As part of our effort to stop FDA approval of genetically engineered salmon, we are excited to announce we're part of a new coalition asking grocery stores to keep GE fish off their shelves and our plates by joining the Campaign for GE-Free Seafood.  We are asking grocery stores, restaurants, chefs and other food companies … Continue reading GE-Free Seafood Campaign Launched

Crony Capitalism on the Tongass

by Gabe Scott Where is the Tea Party when we need them? I’ve been spending a lot of time lately with two thick Environmental Impact Statements — for the Tonka Timber Sale, and the Big Thorne Timber Sale — out of Alaska’s Tongass National Forest. These fellas are a blast from the past, a nostalgic … Continue reading Crony Capitalism on the Tongass