Combating Climate Change

Climate change is currently the greatest and most formidable threat that we face as a planet. The science supporting climate change is conclusive and repeatedly borne out by myriad weather anomalies and arctic ice patterns, as well as biological phenomenon such as altered timing of migrations and species’ distributions. Cascadia Wildlands recognizes the immediate need to take … Continue reading Combating Climate Change

Coos Bay Gas Pipeline Puts Much at Risk–Get Engaged

by Gabe Scott   Last week’s massive refinery fire in Richmond, California should serve as a wake-up call. Not that we needed another to remind us of a basic fact: oil and gas infrastructure is dangerous. When things go wrong, they go very wrong, very quickly.   Add this to the list of reasons why the … Continue reading Coos Bay Gas Pipeline Puts Much at Risk–Get Engaged

Bob Ferris on the Radio in Coos Bay–of Timber, Coal, LNG, and Jobs

  Bob Ferris interview on the Mark McKelvey Show on July 10, 2012.  He and Mark talk about timber, coal, LNG and jobs in Coos Bay.  The 40-minute interview starts at about minute 11 and can be heard by clicking here.                

The Carbon Curtain Coalition

Naomi Klein in her book Shock Doctrine laid out a recipe for our destruction: Take a real or manufactured crisis, add economic interests with political clout, and apply both towards a bend-over-backwards Congress and a panicked public.  The end result being economic interests allowed to cause us more harm and make even more money in … Continue reading The Carbon Curtain Coalition

No Pacific Connector Pipeline or Jordan Cove LNG Terminal

The Jordan Cove Energy Project is a proposed pipeline and export terminal owned by Pembina, a Canadian energy company, to export fracked liquefied natural gas (LNG) from Canada and the Rockies to Asia using Oregon as a right-of-way.  The Jordan Cove Energy Project would require a 229-mile pipeline from Malin, Oregon to Coos Bay, culminating … Continue reading No Pacific Connector Pipeline or Jordan Cove LNG Terminal