Protect Public Forests

One of Cascadia Wildlands' primary goals: protect all remaining ancient forests in the region. Forever. Less than 20% of our region's native forests (forests that haven't been logged) remain standing. Most forests have been clearcut and replaced with industrial tree farms. This conversion has created a regional wildlife extinction crisis. Spotted owls continue to plummet … Continue reading Protect Public Forests

Protect Devil’s Staircase

No place better represents what the Oregon Coast Range once looked like than Devil’s Staircase. Named for the iconic cascading waterfall on Wasson Creek, which tumbles through magnificent old-growth forests, into the lower Smith River then the lower Umpqua River, Devil’s Staircase’s beauty is unrivaled. Yet it remains unprotected, and was recently threatened with clearcutting … Continue reading Protect Devil’s Staircase