Coho Protection Focus of Suction Dredge Mining Suit

Mail Tribune by Mark Freeman Three environmental groups are suing the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest for allegedly failing to protect threatened coho salmon from suction dredgers mining for gold in the Rogue River Basin's coho country. Filed Monday in U.S. District Court in Medford, the suit seeks to require that NOAA-Fisheries biologists review suction dredging … Continue reading Coho Protection Focus of Suction Dredge Mining Suit

Pass a Public Lands Bill: Preserving Wilderness Should be a Bipartisan Priority

by the Register-Guard editorial board There aren’t many issues on which Democrats and Republicans can agree these days, but one of them should be the importance of preserving the wilderness that provides refuge, preserves intact ecosystems and symbolizes the rugged nature of the American character. The Wilderness Act was signed by President Johnson in 1964. … Continue reading Pass a Public Lands Bill: Preserving Wilderness Should be a Bipartisan Priority

Alone in the Rogue

          Have you ever felt like you were being watched? All logical sense reassures you that you’re alone but an eerie feeling persistently creeps in that you’re not. I had that eerie feeling a dozen times this week while I backpacked through the Rogue River area. When you spend three days in solitude, it is … Continue reading Alone in the Rogue

Rogue River: Recent Updates

March 22, 2012: Hearing held in Senate subcommittee, chaired by Senator Ron Wyden, on Wild Rogue legislation.   March 8, 2012: House Natural Resources Subcommittee holds hearing on Wild Rogue legislation.   December 16, 2011: Senators Merkley and Wyden reintroduce legislation to permanently protect the Wild Rogue.   October 5, 2011: Governor Kitzhaber submits his … Continue reading Rogue River: Recent Updates

Rogue River: More Information

Due to its spectacular scenery, abundant fish and wildlife populations, and unparalleled recreation opportunities, the Rogue River was the one of the original eight rivers in the country designated as Wild and Scenic in 1968. Nestled in the northern reaches of the Klamath-Siskiyou ecoregion of southwest Oregon, the Rogue's profile was elevated greatly after famed … Continue reading Rogue River: More Information