Senate Bill Would Expand Protections for Oregon’s Rivers

February 20, 2013 Rachael McDonald–KLCC   A bill introduced in the legislature by Senator Alan Bates of southern Oregon would expand protections for the state's rivers. It has the support of environmentalists and recreationalists.   Senate Bill 401 expands the number of rivers and bodies of water that are protected as State Scenic Waterways. It … Continue reading Senate Bill Would Expand Protections for Oregon’s Rivers

Dredging Up The Truth

By Bob Ferris   With every complicated, science-based issue we seem to tackle, from climate change to wolves and from forestry to diesel particulates, there seems to be a handful of slide-rule era-educated, contrarian scientists who pull themselves up from the depths of retirement to confuse the issue.  These self-proclaimed mavens generally have some credentials, but not the … Continue reading Dredging Up The Truth

Suction Dredging…Sucks

By Bob Ferris   My access point to my career in the conservation field came originally from fish.  I caught my first trout on the Eel River in northern California while my family was on their way to visit the 1962 World’s Fair in Seattle.  As we were on our way north, my mother grudgingly … Continue reading Suction Dredging…Sucks