Excuse me but when exactly did the USFWS become the CIA?

By Bob Ferris I have worked on conservation issues through more than seven administrations and during that time I have known personally most of the directors of the US Fish and Wildlife Service.  In nearly all instances these have basically been stand-up folks trying to do the best job possible under trying circumstances.  With all … Continue reading Excuse me but when exactly did the USFWS become the CIA?

Gray wolves need time

  Recovery has been robust, but it’s not yet complete Eugene Register Guard  June 12, 2013   The federal government should abandon its premature plan to remove endangered species protections for gray wolves in the lower 48 states — including Oregon, where the apex predator’s numbers have yet to reach sustainable levels.   The U.S. … Continue reading Gray wolves need time

Don’t Forsake the Gray Wolf

By Jim Dutcher, Jamie Dutcher, and Garrick Dutcher June 7, 2013   KETCHUM, Idaho — IT has been celebrated as one of the great victories of the Endangered Species Act of 1973. After several decades of federal protection, gray wolves — once nearly wiped out in the continental United States — have reached a population … Continue reading Don’t Forsake the Gray Wolf