Foggy old-growth mountain hemlock forest in the Fuji Mountain Roadless Area Oregon Cascades (photo by Brett Cole).

Demand that the Oregon Department of Forestry Do Better!

Did you know that the Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) oversees 10 million acres of some of the most magnificent forests in the world? These forests filter our drinking water and store more carbon than nearly any other living ecosystem. They help our planet adapt to the changing climate.

Unfortunately, ODF’s current leadership is skirting its responsibilities to communities and future generations by doing everything possible to make it easy for the timber industry to liquidate these forests. As reported by Pro-Publica and Oregon Public Broadcasting, Wall Street executives have bought up most of Oregon’s private forests and benefit from weak laws and tax breaks that leave the public to shoulder the costs of industrial logging. Timber interests are even using a tax-funded public relations firm, known as OFRI, to promote the agenda of big timber.