Headwaters of the Upper Middle Fork Willamette River (photo by James Johnston)

Many people are retiring or nearing retirement with the thought of future generations and personal legacies on their minds. We stand ready to help you build a wild legacy.


There are two main opportunities:



Wild Wills: When you are revising your will, please consider adding a gift to Cascadia Wildlands, so that our work will continue into the future. Please contact Josh Laughlin at  jlaughlin(at)cascwild.org  to discuss options and considerations.
Chart a Wild Future: Times and conditions change, and that often creates needs and opportunities particularly when dealing with the various tax codes and rules. If you find yourself in the position of needing tax deductions now, or at some time in the future, planned giving might be an option that allows you to solve your tax liabilities for your heirs and, at the same time, memorialize your commitment to wildlife and wild places. We urge you to consider this option with your financial advisors and then contact Josh Laughlin at   jlaughlin(at)cascwild.org  about the details regarding use of the funds and what is possible.