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The Cascadia Action Team (aka WildCAT) is our incredible volunteer team, which supports our ongoing conservation campaigns through education, outreach, advocacy, and hands-on action.

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Get connected with WildCAT at our next meeting:

Every first Monday of the month from 6-7pm on zoom! Send an email to us for the call in information.

***In-Person meetings are canceled until further notice due to COVID-19.***

* The definition of a WildCAT: members of the Cascadia Action Team, a diverse group of volunteers who embody the spirit of their namesake; a wildcat is any various small or medium-sized cat, such as a lynx, noted for its ferocity — fierceness is understood to be the showing of heartfelt and powerful intensity of action.

What do WildCATs do?

We at Cascadia Wildlands are continually grateful for our many and varied volunteers. These dedicated individuals continually amaze us by jumping in and helping us with our work and ensuring that we are able to do even more with our precious resources. Our volunteers staff our events and gather timber sale data during field-checking trips. They provide us with technical expertise and take our supporters on hikes to the faraway places we protect. They make our social networks hum and our campaign actions click. We know that your time is your most valuable asset and we depend on passionate people like you to help us educate the public about our conservation efforts.

Key volunteers lead hikes to areas we are working to safeguard (Tim Giraudier).

WildCAT members help run our outreach table at awesome community events such as the Mt Pisgah Mushroom Festival, the Public Interest Environmental Law Conference, the Oregon Country Fair, the Northwest String Summit, and the Whiteaker Block Party. Members of WildCAT are also plugged in to exciting opportunities to take action from attending rallies to speaking with lawmakers, learning how to write letters to the editor and leading hikes through threatened public land. There are countless ways to get involved and we are always seeking dedicated, reliable and passionate folks to become part of our WildCAT team!

Give Us a Call! 

If any of these opportunities excite you, contact us at 541-531-1858 or send an email to us. We’ll help find a fit for your interests and schedule.

Statement of Principles and Inclusivity

Cascadia Wildlands is a nonprofit conservation organization with a mission to defend and restore Cascadia’s wild ecosystems in the forests, in the courts, and in the streets. We stand side-by-side as equals with all members of Cascadia’s communities. We vociferously oppose the discrimination of any persons based on their background, place of origin, ethnicity, race, gender, ability, sexual orientation, religion, and belief or non-belief systems.

We believe that Cascadia, and nature as a whole, is for everyone. In pursuit of our mission, we work with a broad range of individuals and organizations. This is our shared strength. We recognize that confronting social injustice is essential to achieving our mission, as well as being a moral imperative in its own right. Cascadia Wildlands is firmly committed to non-discrimination. To this end, we remain open to listening and extend an open invitation to engage in dialogue regarding any social injustice implications of our work.