The QMS project is located on USFS forestlands 20 miles northeast of Sweet Home in the Willamette National Forest off of Highway 20. The sale is massive, encompassing 89,000 acres spanning North from Highway 20 all the way up to Detroit lake, with units bordering on protected wilderness areas and in some of the most scenic locations in the Western Cascades.

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This sale intends to log trees up to 150 years old. Logging of even older old-growth trees is very likely. Fish and recreationists would suffer from logging in riparian areas, including right along the Middle Santiam and Quartzville Creek. The logging of older trees will undoubtedly impact habitat for the northern spotted owl, and other imperiled species.

The sheer scale on which this sale is taking place is especially concerning, and is part of a pattern of landscape scale management that is emerging under the Trump administration. The project area spans 89,000 acres, and the Forest Service intends to log up to 80 million board feet.

We are in the process of field checking this sale thoroughly and will keep this page updated as we continue to find more information about the project.

Visit the Forest Service’s page to explore the project documents.

QMS Unit 166 – Field Check – July 2020

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