Thurston Hills “Pedal Power” — Springfield BLM

Legal Counsel, Gabe Scott in the Thurston Hills Timber Sale Area

About the sale: This sale will result in extensive “regeneration harvest” (all but clear-cutting) of 100 acres of middle-aged forest immediately adjacent to Willamalane’s recently opened 655-acre Thurston Hills Natural Area. Next to a neighborhood on 79th Street in Springfield on one side and to the new trails on the other, this BLM parcel is the closest federal public land to our urban area.

Our concerns: We oppose this sale because of its consequences for public recreation and natural features. Additionally, we are concerned that the sale will increase hazardous fire conditions, endangering our community and contributing to volatile, fire-prone conditions in forests too close to neighborhoods.

Where is this sale in the process:
On September 13th, the sale was sold to Seneca sawmill company. Cascadia submitted an administrative protest to halt the clearcutting and consider fire-wise thinning instead, but this was denied on October 9th.  We are now pursuing legal and political options to stop the clearcutting of Thurston Hills.

Join us for our public hike and bike of the Thurston Hills area

Take action here to tell the BLM that you do not support this sale.