BC Grizzly on trail cam
Adult brown bears under natural conditions are the monarchs of their habitats only occasionally bested by wolves or backed off kills by wolverines.  Their only real threat is man though hunting, poaching, habitat destruction or competition for food resources.  Cascadia Wildlands would like to see as a minimum a recovered population of grizzlies in the northern Cascades and stable or increasing brown bear populations in Alaska and British Columbia.
To accomplish this Cascadia Wildlands will work for more enlightened bear management in those places where they are hunted—particularly working for regulations that are more sensitive to the impact on bear social structure of hunting.  In addition, we advocate for international cooperation with Canada to build  grizzly bear populations near likely cross-border emigration areas to facilitate bears entering places such as the North Cascades.  We will work on efforts to protect food resources like Pacific salmon species and curtail clearcut logging in places like the Tongass to make sure that struggling and recovering bears have habitat and food.  And we will continue to support efforts to put a stop to illegal hunting of all kinds.

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