Cascadia Wildlands staff regularly engages with stakeholders to identify restoration opportunities, like thinning in dense tree farms (Josh Laughlin)

For nearly a century, America's federal public lands have been logged, extracted and roaded to the point of instability. Our climate continues to warm due to carbon released from these industrial activities, drinking water and air have been compromised, and species have been pushed to the brink of extinction. Instead of a system that continues this degradation on our public lands, Cascadia Wildlands has long advocated a land management system that is driven by restoration. We envision loggers working in the woods restoratively thinning the millions of acres of homogenous tree farms that replaced the complex old-growth forests, heavy equipment operators stabilizing and decommissioning harmful roads the government no longer has funding to maintain, and contractors enhancing aquatic habitat by placing large wood back in waterways to assist salmon recovery. We believe this recipe can restore ecological health to our lands and also revive rural communities who have been most affected by logging cutbacks.  For more information click here.  Please see recent updates.