On Sunday, May 31, thousands of people gathered in Eugene, Oregon to protest police brutality in the U.S.

In Solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter

Dear Friends, Colleagues, Allies, and Supporters,

Like so many of you, Cascadia Wildlands’ staff and board are moved to stand up in urgent protest of the distressing murder of George Floyd, a recent manifestation of a repugnant pattern of deep-rooted racism in our society. We were inspired to take part in the huge Black Lives Matter march in Eugene on Sunday, with thousands of our neighbors, in solidarity with millions around the country. This is a moment and an issue that demands specific, immediate attention from us all.

As we continue our work to defend Cascadia’s wild ecosystems, and the communities that they support, it is absolutely critical that we also work to confront and combat racism, discrimination, and social injustice in all forms. For too long, the environmental movement has been fixated on its own goals while ignoring the plight of oppressed and less privileged people in our communities and around the world. We believe that confronting inequality and social injustice is essential to success as an organization and a movement, as well as being a moral imperative in its own right.

It is not enough to simply believe in equality — we must act on it. The NAACP of Lane County and Black Lives Matter are among a number of organizations in our community, both locally and nationally, that are working directly and tirelessly to confront racial discrimination and to improve the lives of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC). Additionally, BLAC: Black Led Action Coalition is a new group formed by the organizers of Eugene’s recent peaceful protests.

Please join us in supporting these organizations by becoming a member, volunteering, joining a campaign, or donating money.

Black Lives Matter (National)
NAACP (National)
NAACP of Lane County (Oregon)

BLAC: Black Led Action Coalition (Eugene, OR)
NAACP of Alaska Oregon Washington Area

NAACP of California

Black Lives Matter

— Black Lives Matter Protest in Eugene, OR | May 31, 2020 —