BLM Public Meetings and Workshops on Western Oregon Draft Resource Management Plan

The Bureau of Land Management is hosting a series of open houses and workshops throughout western Oregon for the public to learn about the planning updates to the Resource Management Plans for western Oregon, or the Western Oregon Plan Revisions (WOPR Jr.). IMG_1850_2The recently released Draft Resource Management Plan (RMP)/Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) details the BLM's alternative proposals for resource planning. A string of open houses have already taken place in western Oregon and the BLM is about to engage in a series of workshops held throughout western Oregon. BLM is encouraging the public to attend and we encourage our membership to attend their local outreach meetings to learn about the Draft, speak with BLM employees, and submit comments.

The BLM has posted a schedule of currently planned meetings on its website. Additional information about past meetings can also be found on the planning page, at the link provided below, including summaries, press releases and more. Contact Cascadia Wildlands for more information regarding our involvement with the planning process. Roseburg BLM, Swiftwater Resource Area (Photo Credit, Robin Meacher)

The schedule for currently scheduled meetings can be found at: