One thought on “Rep. DeFazio Requests that FERC Increase Transparency and Extend Pipeline Comment Period

  1. Kum says:

    Been gone fishing and amslot missed this one… I can not tell you of the new respect I have found towards the “Caddis Fly” and this site, not to mention our local TU club. Because of the way all mentioned above step up on such important matters while others seem to want to take a step back or not make anyone mad…. If not us, then who – if not now, when? Seems some are elderly and don’t feel like being put upon anymore, while others are young and have not figured it out yet – or are middle aged and in there prime earning years, or just a bit younger and are busy raising the kids. All good reasons I guess, but just who does that leave exactly to carry the fight forward? Anyway – good stuff guys and thank you.

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