Federal Timber Sale Challenges

Below is a sample of some of our recent timber sale challenges. We will update this list periodically!

Lower Grave Timber Sale:

The Lower Grave timber sale is a Medford District Bureau of Land Management sale targeting old-growth forests near the Rogue River in southern Oregon. The sale targets old-growth forests inhabited by the northern spotted owl and red tree voles. Oral argument will be held on October 26, 2018 at the federal courthouse in Medford, Oregon. Find out more information on the sale here.

Quartz Timber Sale:

The Quartz timber sale is an Umpqua National Forest logging project that targets mature and old-growth forests roughly 20 miles southeast of Cottage Grove. These forests are home to a thriving population of red tree voles, an old-growth related species sensitive to logging. Oral argument was held in federal district court in Eugene on October 5, 2018 over a preliminary injunction to halt the older portions of the sale from moving forward. Find out more info on the legal challenge here, and more information on field checking efforts for red tree voles here!

Loafer Timber Sale:

The Loafer timber sale is an Umpqua National Forest logging project approximately 60 miles east of Roseburg. The sale targeted mature forests within the proposed wilderness areas surrounding Crater Lake National Park and targeted areas adjoining the popular Umpqua Hot Springs. Cascadia and our allies prevailed before the district court in this challenge and ultimately settled the dispute, allowing the less controversial, younger area logging to move forward while protecting the older, never-before-logged forests.