Shotcash timber sale unit (photo by Cascadia Wildlands).

Field Check the Shotcash Timber Sale — July 28, 2018

The BLM is proposing a major commercial logging project including clearcutting in the Shotgun Creek Recreation Area, a beloved site for outdoor recreation in Marcola.
Join Cascadia Wildlands WildCAT volunteer team and Sierra Club’s Many Rivers Group to get hands-on experience exploring this threatened area and collecting information through observation that can help us halt this needlessly destructive project. Check out the Facebook event for this trip here!
In many cases, logging project proposals do not fully reflect the reality of what’s on the ground, often quite truly missing the forest for the trees. It is up to everyday concerned citizens to check the work of management bodies by visiting these sites proposed for logging and documenting what we see. Field checking trips helps us get to know our backyard forests and also collect information that we can use to fight these destructive projects through the NEPA process.