Tell the ODFW Comission to Protect Imperiled Species! — August 3, 2018

(Photo by the Audubon Society.)

On August 3, 2018 in Salem, the Fish and Wildlife Commission will address issues impacting two imperiled species: the marbled murrelet and the Humboldt marten. Cascadia Wildlands and its allies are planning a strong turnout at this meeting to stress how important wildlife issues are to our members.

Recently, the ODFW Commission REVERSED its vote to uplift the imperiled marbled murrelet from “threatened” to “endangered,” later gutting protections for the species by eliminating any enforceable provisions in its “survival guidelines”. The ODFW commission continues to demonstrate a greater commitment to big timber than the imperiled wildlife it is tasked with protecting. This Commission appears to be captured by extractive industries and is willing to readily break state law and its obligations to Oregonians to bow to industry’s whim. Repeatedly, this agency has ignored sound science to engage in ineffective, controversial management of wildlife, especially imperiled wildlife, to accommodate special interests from the livestock and timber industries.

Join us to show the Commission that Oregonians are committed to defending imperiled wildlife and using science-based practices, not the whims of the timber industry, to guide our state laws.

Carpools leave at 7:45 am from the parking lot on the east side Cascadia Wildlands office, 120 Shelton McMurphey Blvd.

Contact Cascadia’s legal director, for more information.