Progressive Fire Mgmt. for Healthy Forests & Safe Communities — October 22nd

When: Monday, October 22, 2018  6-8pm

Where: Sam Bonds Brewing, 540 East 8th Street Eugene

What: Join fire expert Richard Fairbanks for a discussion about the role of progressive fire management in keeping communities safe and maintaining forest resiliency. We’ll explore our region’s historical relationship with fire and possibilities for using commonsense fire management to address hazards, boost local economies and protect forest integrity in the age of climate change.

Richard Fairbanks has more than 40 years of experience fire management and held many positions within the Forest Service, including team leader for the Biscuit Fire Recovery after the 2002 Fire. Fairbanks is critical of current timber industry-backed fire management techniques and advocates for a more progressive, commonsense approach to fire management in our region.