Red Fox


 There are two native red fox subspecies in Cascadia that are of serious concern. The first is the Sierra Nevada red fox (pictured at right) that is found in small, isolated populations at higher altitudes in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and in the Cascades from Northern California to Mt Hood.  This red fox is an endangered species.  In addition there is another high altitude red fox subspecies found in Washington State known as the Cascade red fox known mainly from Skamania County.  This latter subspecies has roughly a handful of populations.
Because of the inherit vulnerability of these isolated, high altitude (above 4500 feet) red fox subspecies and their need for undisturbed montane forest and meadows, Cascadia Wildlands advocates for habitat protections and use restrictions within the ranges of these two subspecies.  Moreover, we urge additional caution as climate change compromises these alpine areas further.


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