Of Zombies, Zane Grey and Western Rivers

By Bob Ferris I became convinced yesterday that actors who play zombies in movies learned their walking techniques from fly fishermen wading in swift rivers on slippery and slimy cobble.  I came to that conclusion as I “gingerly” crossed the North Fork of the Middle Fork of the Willamette River—it is all in the balance … Continue reading Of Zombies, Zane Grey and Western Rivers

Of Farmers, Hunters, Oil Money and the Double Secret Déjà Vu Shuffle

"The trophy-recreationist has peculiarities which contribute in subtle ways to his own undoing. To enjoy he must possess, invade, appropriate. Hence the wilderness which he cannot personally see has no value to him. Hence the universal assumption that an unused hinterland is rendering no service to society. To those devoid of imagination, a blank place … Continue reading Of Farmers, Hunters, Oil Money and the Double Secret Déjà Vu Shuffle

Feeling Nostalgic For a Better Future

By Bob Ferris OK, I am feeling nostalgic today.  In part it is because of the treasures (or detritus) I find on my desk.  To wit:    1—An old Herder’s folding knife I bought more than 50 years ago from the Eddie Bauer catalog when they were actually outfitters.   2—A copy of Animal Heroes … Continue reading Feeling Nostalgic For a Better Future

Rogue River: Recent Updates

March 22, 2012: Hearing held in Senate subcommittee, chaired by Senator Ron Wyden, on Wild Rogue legislation.   March 8, 2012: House Natural Resources Subcommittee holds hearing on Wild Rogue legislation.   December 16, 2011: Senators Merkley and Wyden reintroduce legislation to permanently protect the Wild Rogue.   October 5, 2011: Governor Kitzhaber submits his … Continue reading Rogue River: Recent Updates

Rogue River: More Information

Due to its spectacular scenery, abundant fish and wildlife populations, and unparalleled recreation opportunities, the Rogue River was the one of the original eight rivers in the country designated as Wild and Scenic in 1968. Nestled in the northern reaches of the Klamath-Siskiyou ecoregion of southwest Oregon, the Rogue's profile was elevated greatly after famed … Continue reading Rogue River: More Information