Members of Oregon's Imnaha pack. Wolves would not have returned to Oregon without Endangered Species Act protections (photo by ODFW).

2019 Washington Annual Wolf Report Released!

| April 20, 2020 |

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife released its annual wolf report today. The population posted meager overall growth resulting in a total count of 108 wolves up from 97 wolves last year. The number of packs decreased. Oregon posted large population gains this year, indicating that the stagnant growth in Washington was not a function of weather patterns but again a function of large amounts of lethal control of which Oregon had none.

20 wolves were killed in Washington last year by humans; 9 by WDFW, 6 by tribal hunters, and 5 by ranchers. The annual culling of wolves in Washington by the Department or as permitted by lax state regulations is having population level effects and the rules and regulations surrounding wolf conservation in Washington needs to be revisited.

The 2019 report can be found here.