Anti-wolf Forces: It Takes a Thief (Richard M. Mitchell)


By Bob Ferris
The anti-wolf site Save Western Wildlife recently posted a three-page letter critical of the Northern Rockies wolf recovery process written by Richard M. Mitchell Ph.D. of Alder, Montana—wow, a Ph.D. stepping into the fray.  This is impressive until you take a little time to remember and realize that Dr. Mitchell’s other title is: Convicted Felon.
Yes Dr. Mitchell knows about the Endangered Species Act because he was charged under it multiple times while working for the federal government and finally convicted in 1993.  I say finally because he was first charged in the late 1980s and there was considerable political pressure exerted to by politicians—many of whom were members of Safari Club International—to get this first arrest over-turned.  
It is interesting given the Tea Party leanings of the anti-wolf crowd that they are willing to overlook the fact that Dr. Mitchell cost the Smithsonian $650,000 in legal fees paid by taxpayers back in the early 1990s when that was real money.  He also materially broke trust with the American public whose money he took to do a job which he did not.  What Dr. Mitchell excelled at was being the crooked-as-a-dog's-hind-leg errand boy for Safari Club International, a job he still seems to take seriously.  

4 thoughts on “Anti-wolf Forces: It Takes a Thief (Richard M. Mitchell)

  1. Kristi Lloyd says:

    Thank you, Bob, for pointing out even more of the hypocrisy and misinformation and propaganda being spread by a group that claims to save wildlife. Well done again!

  2. Immer Treue says:

    Probably better placed in "Identifying and Dealing with the Anti-wolf Forces" but strikes the  chord nonetheless.
    From Idaho_Roper ( probably most know who he is)
    …"The only bill concerning wolves that should be passes is the one designating them as predators, no tag or season required.  We then need to challenge federal regulations against poisoning as History has shown it to be the only really effective manner in which to control wolves."…
    Not the first time he has advocated the use of poison.

  3. elie khoury says:

    Please note that the wolf is good friend to men and they should not be killed for any reason. 

  4. Elizabeth Huntley-Roberts says:

    So why does this jackass Mitchell think he merits being listened to anyway? Isn't he just preaching to the choir? And this Roper guy? Who the hell is he? How can I blast him via E-mail?
    This guy's a moron – hey, if these a*holes want to try and exterminate the wolf, the wolf will land right back on the Endangered Species List. What I'm REALLY PISSED OFF about is that my federal tax mony went towards the reintroducation and protection of the wolf while on the ESL, and now these state DNR jagoffs are ruining everything we've gained with wolf reintroducation! They are selfish, self-serving, bigoted jerks.

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