Eugene Fossil Fuel and Climate Rally February 17th

Americans Rally Together to Fight Extractive Industry

In solidarity with the national FORWARDONCLIMATE rally, hundreds will gather and march against governments, businesses that support fossil fuels and other extractive industries. 
Eugene, Ore.—Feb. 17 at 1 p.m. hundreds will rally at the University of Oregon EMU amphitheatre in a march against the fossil fuel industry. The march is in unity the national FORWARDONCLIMATE rally in Washington D.C. where over 20,000 people are expected to attend. 
Eugene’s rally will end the Social Justice, Real Justice conference that begins Feb. 14 and is in solidarity with local and national groups such as Idle No More, Tar Sands Blockade and No Coal Exportation.
These movements include thousands of environmental and social justice activists from many varied groups. There are allied non-governmental organizations (NGOs), first-nations, minority-justice groups, activist-groups, small-businesses, labor unions and concerned citizens of all varying political backgrounds. 
This event is unique because it features a large collaboration of national and local organizations and peoples coming together to stand up and say “no” to tar sands, “no” to the Keystone XL pipeline, “no” to coal exportation while simultaneously saying “yes” to equality for all life, “yes” to challenging governments and businesses for sustained forms of energy and, “yes” to clean air, water and land-space for future generations to live, and thrive from. 
The event will kick off with a round dance led by Idle No More members. After the march, food and refreshments will be provided by Food Not Bombs and Chief Caleen Sisk of the Winnemem Wintu tribe will speak of importance of ending extractive industry and community collaboration. 
The partnership of rallies will be one of the largest protests in American history and is the result of governments and businesses not listening to the voice of the people. 
The EMU amphitheater is located on the northwest side of EMU: 1228 University of  Oregon. Eugene OR, 97403
There is no website for our event, but for more information on the national event and groups we are in solidarity with please visit these websites:
Noah DeWitt: 415-342-7399
Kate Armstrong: 541-350-2833
Frida Downey: 541-391-3624
Cascadia Wildlands is a member of the Power Past Coal coalition.  For more information on this topic–particularly coal and LNG exports, please visit our Combating Climate Change campaign pages and these links: