GE-Free Seafood Campaign Launched

As part of our effort to stop FDA approval of genetically engineered salmon, we are excited to announce we're part of a new coalition asking grocery stores to keep GE fish off their shelves and our plates by joining the Campaign for GE-Free Seafood

We are asking grocery stores, restaurants, chefs and other food companies to sign the pledge for GE-Free Seafood. The pledge simply states they will not knowingly purchase or sell GE salmon or other GE seafood, should it come to market. 

Since FDA won't require GE fish to be labeled, store policies against GE Fish will be the consumer's only way to avoid eating Frankenfish.

The coalition includes thirty consumer, food safety, fishing, environmental, sustainable agriculture, parent, public health and animal welfare organizations. Together we've sent the pledge to the nation's top grocery stores, and will be reaching out to even more.

Results are already pouring in. Some of the biggest stores in the U.S. have already signed on, including Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Marsh Supermarkets, Aldi, and PCC Natural Markets. This represents 2,000 stores accross the country. 

We're not done yet. In coming weeks we'll be reaching out to fish sellers in our local Cascadia bioregion, asking them to sign the pledge.

To make it easier for Cascadians to weigh in on this proposal, we've put together the Cascadia Petition Against Frankenfish, which surveys the good reasons we Cascadians can't abide someone tinkering with our salmon. By adding your name you can take your own personal stand, and bring even more pressure on F.D.A. and the seafood industry. 

Sign the Petition Here.