Lawsuit Challenges Frankenfish Approval

  March 31, 2016 Media contacts: Gabriel Scott, Alaska Legal Director, Cascadia Wildlands, 907-491-0856; George Kimbrell, Senior Attorney, Center for Food Safety, 571-527-8618; Brettny Hardy, Earthjustice, 415-217-2142; Dune Lankard, Center for Biological Diversity, (907) 952-5265;   Lawsuit Challenges FDA’s Approval of Genetically Engineered Salmon Coalition of Fishing, Consumer, and Environmental Groups … Continue reading Lawsuit Challenges Frankenfish Approval

FDA Approves Frankenfish, Cascadians Resist

By Gabe Scott, Alaska Legal Director   CORDOVA, AK— Frankenfish may be coming to a store near you, but not if we can help it.      Last week's decision by the Food & Drug Administration to approve Genetically Engineered Salmon for sale in the United States is hugely important. There are a lot of moving … Continue reading FDA Approves Frankenfish, Cascadians Resist

Opinion: Unlabeled GE salmon

  by Gabe Scott, Cascadia Wildlands – for the Cordova Times April 23, 2013   Well here is something useful. Alaskans are united in defending our wild salmon heritage against Frankenfish. From Don Young to Mark Begich, Cascadia Wildlands and Greenpeace, we are leading the fight on one of the most consequential environmental issues of … Continue reading Opinion: Unlabeled GE salmon

GE-Free Seafood Campaign Launched

As part of our effort to stop FDA approval of genetically engineered salmon, we are excited to announce we're part of a new coalition asking grocery stores to keep GE fish off their shelves and our plates by joining the Campaign for GE-Free Seafood.  We are asking grocery stores, restaurants, chefs and other food companies … Continue reading GE-Free Seafood Campaign Launched

“You Keep Those Damn [Franken]Fish Out Of My Waters”

By Gabriel Scott I've read some poorly crafted Environmental Assessments in my time, and seen more than a few ill-considered decisions, but this one might just take the cake. Over the holidays the veterinarians at the Food and Drug Administration decided to approve an application to grow and sell genetically engineered salmon, a King/ Atlantic … Continue reading “You Keep Those Damn [Franken]Fish Out Of My Waters”