Flat Country Timber Sale

Flat Country — Willamette National Forest, McKenzie Ranger District

Unit 1550 of Flat Country Sale

About the sale: This sale proposes 5,001 acres of logging off Hwy 126, approximately 8 miles east of the community of McKenzie Bridge, Oregon. The proposal includes 1,000 acres of “regeneration harvest” (essentially clearcut) and various methods of commercial thinning in forest stands ranging from 40 to 140 years old.

Our concerns: Our concerns with this sale stem from the 1,000 acres of clearcut-style management which are proposed in many units that contain older, more mature forest stands (such as the one pictured on the right). Many of these stands contain old legacy trees and native vegetation that provide habitat for key species such as the spotted owl.

Where is this sale in the process: Cascadia submitted comments during the scoping period.  We are encouraged that the Forest Service agreed to lift the project analysis to an Environmental Impact Statement from a less thorough Environmental Assessment. We are currently awaiting a draft Environmental Impact Statement for the sale. We think the Forest Service should focus its efforts instead on the younger tree plantation stands, where thinning can help wildlife and also provide trees to local mills