In Our Backyard Town Hall Discussion

Join Cascadia Wildlands, Oregon Wild and FUSEE for a town hall discussion about the impacts of land management practices on our local public lands. Panelists involved in timber sale monitoring, wildfire science, and public lands defense will discuss issues regarding recreation, conservation, and fire safety in public forests managed by the Bureau of Land Management. … Continue reading In Our Backyard Town Hall Discussion

Highway 46 Timber Sale

Highway 46 Project — Willamette National Forest, Detroit Ranger District About the sale: This timber sale is  located about six miles east of the town of Detroit, Oregon, within over 4,000 acres of forest surrounding the Breitenbush hot springs resort. The sale includes commercial thinning, fuels reduction, and clearcut-style management practices. Our concerns: Much of … Continue reading Highway 46 Timber Sale

Flat Country Timber Sale

Flat Country — Willamette National Forest, McKenzie Ranger District ABOUT THE SALE: This sale proposes 5,001 acres of logging off Hwy 126, approximately 8 miles east of the community of McKenzie Bridge, Oregon. The proposal includes 1,000 acres of “regeneration harvest” (essentially clearcut) and various methods of commercial thinning in forest stands ranging from 40 … Continue reading Flat Country Timber Sale

Stand Up for Public Lands!

In the midst of the ridiculous scene unfolding at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, bigger, darker, and more intelligent forces are working to give away our public lands.  Our public lands, our National Forests, our Wildlife Refuges, our National Parks, our Wild and Scenic Rivers, these are cherished and revered places across the Northwest.  They … Continue reading Stand Up for Public Lands!

Public Lands Rallies Planned Across Oregon

#RefugeRally Announced for Tuesday, Jan 19th Public will gather to support Malheur refuge, celebrate national public lands OREGON/WASHINGTON- Rallies supporting Malheur National Wildlife Refuge and public lands will be held across Oregon and Washington Tuesday, January 19th at noon. The public is invited to join this statewide event expressing appreciation for national public lands, their … Continue reading Public Lands Rallies Planned Across Oregon

Great Expectations: the Oldest Trick in the Book

“I hope we shall crush in its birth the aristocracy of our monied corporations which dare already to challenge our government to a trial by strength, and bid defiance to the laws of our country.” Thomas Jefferson   By Bob Ferris   So much of our attitudes and actions in life are determined by our … Continue reading Great Expectations: the Oldest Trick in the Book

WDFW and the Wedge Pack—Not a Class Act

By Bob Ferris People who teach in a classroom understand that the game is won or lost and the tone set extremely early in the process.  Setting and communicating clear boundaries and expectations on that first day of class can help head off problems and save a lot time and energy on corrective actions.  By … Continue reading WDFW and the Wedge Pack—Not a Class Act

The Wedge Pack–Prudent Protocols and Thick Skin Needed

  The situation with the Wedge pack in Eastern Washington is troubling and raising our blood pressure here at Cascadia Wildlands.  While we fully understand and support the need for management actions to deal with problem wolves, we are very concerned that Washington is putting the cart before the horse on this action.  Our concerns … Continue reading The Wedge Pack–Prudent Protocols and Thick Skin Needed