Field Trip to Flat Country Timber Sale — March 14, 2020

Join Cascadia Wildlands for a visit to the Flat Country timber sale, a 5,000 acre logging proposal in the Willamette National Forest. We will spend the day learning about this sale and exploring old forest stands that would be impacted. Attendees will get a hands on lesson in the basics of field surveying for public … Continue reading Field Trip to Flat Country Timber Sale — March 14, 2020

Umpqua Sweets

BACKGROUND OF SALE The Umpqua Sweets project is located on BLM checkerboard forestlands just west of the Umpqua National Forest on highway 38.  There is one unit directly along the North Umpqua River, and many up Bob, Rock, Honey and Susan Creeks. The sale proposes “regeneration harvest” (aka clearcut-style logging) on all of these forest stands. OUR … Continue reading Umpqua Sweets

Roundup at the Shotcash Auction! — Sept. 12, 2019

The local Bureau of Land Management is fixin’ to sell parcels within the Shotgun Creek recreation area to timber barons who plan to clearcut in our backyard forest. On September 12th, the BLM will auction off the first two parcels within the Shotcash timber sale, a clearcut logging proposal planned for the Shotgun Creek Recreation … Continue reading Roundup at the Shotcash Auction! — Sept. 12, 2019

Field Checking 101 Training

Join Cascadia Wildland’s volunteer WildCAT team for a full-day of field checking training in a local forest proposed for timber harvest. Our field checking trainings cover the basics of timber sale monitoring, how to read timber sale proposal and what to look for when exploring a timber sale on the ground. More information & registration here.

Timber Mandates Recklessly Ignore Common Interest

From Register-Guard, October 11 2018 By Dylan Plummer The “Pedal Power” timber sale is yet another example of destructive forest management on our nearby public lands being justified by Bureau of Land Management because of the increased timber quotas imposed on the agency. The sale will result in extensive “regeneration harvest” (all but clear-cutting) of … Continue reading Timber Mandates Recklessly Ignore Common Interest

Highway 46 Timber Sale

Highway 46 Project — Willamette National Forest, Detroit Ranger District About the sale: This timber sale is  located about six miles east of the town of Detroit, Oregon, within over 4,000 acres of forest surrounding the Breitenbush hot springs resort. The sale includes commercial thinning, fuels reduction, and clearcut-style management practices. Our concerns: Much of … Continue reading Highway 46 Timber Sale