Press Release: Eugene becomes first city in Oregon to phase out gas in new construction as electrification movement grows

February 6, 2023 — The City of Eugene voted five to three tonight to phase out fossil fuels like gas in new homes and buildings, a historic step that will cut climate pollution, improve air quality, and lower utility bills for households. The vote from the City Council delivered a major victory to the dozens of climate, environmental justice, health, housing and racial justice groups who organized for more than two years in favor of the policy.

Press Release: Eugene City Council Hears Overwhelming Support for Healthy Homes Policy

November 22, 2023 — Over 100 community members rallied ahead of a Eugene City Council hearing last night to support the city’s proposed policy to phase out gas in new homes over climate and health concerns. At the rally, 63 people testified in support of the proposed ordinance, providing hours of testimony to the council about the benefits of electrification. 

Press Release: Eugene City Council Advances Policy to Transition New Construction to All-Electric, Sets Ambitious Targets for Decarbonizing Existing Buildings

July 27, 2022 — In a major step toward a clean energy future, the Eugene City Council voted today to move forward with a suite of measures advancing the transition off of gas in homes and buildings. The motions include one directing staff to draft ordinance language to mandate that all new homes be constructed 100% electric by June 1, 2023; a second advancing conversations to transition new commercial and industrial construction to require all electric; and a third directing the City Manager

Fossil Free Eugene & Lane County Seeks Coalition Coordinator

Download PDF Version Position Title: Coalition Coordinator, Fossil Free Eugene CoalitionLocation: Eugene, OR*This position is work from home, and coalition meetings are currently being held remotely due to the pandemic. … Continue reading Fossil Free Eugene & Lane County Seeks Coalition Coordinator

Victory for Eugene Climate Goals!

February 9, 2021 — After three months of public pressure and countless hours of public testimony about the climate and health impacts of fracked gas, the City’s franchise negotiations with NW Natural last night hit an impasse. Members of the Fossil Free Eugene campaign hailed this new development as a victory, as the franchise agreement being discussed was set to lock the city into a ten-year contract in which the fracked gas corporation could use the City’s right of way to expand its infrastructure and capacity without restriction.