Suction Dredging…Sucks

By Bob Ferris   My access point to my career in the conservation field came originally from fish.  I caught my first trout on the Eel River in northern California while my family was on their way to visit the 1962 World’s Fair in Seattle.  As we were on our way north, my mother grudgingly … Continue reading Suction Dredging…Sucks

Pacific Salmon–Sea Going Golden Retrievers

  Pacific salmon are a little like seagoing golden retrievers.  Only instead of drool-slimed tennis balls, they retrieve nutrients lost from the land and gobbled up by an assortment of plankton (free-floaters) and nekton (swimmers) in the oceanic water column.  Their dogged inland migration over millennia and suicidal sacrifice for their offspring in large part … Continue reading Pacific Salmon–Sea Going Golden Retrievers