We Have Oregon Wolf Pup-age in 2013

By Bob Ferris

Although we do not have total counts at this point, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has confirmed reproduction in seven known packs this year—Imnaha, Minam, Mt Emily, Snake River, Umatilla River, Walla Walla, and Wenaha.  And here is a shot of the Mt. Emily pups.  These represent more tangible dividends from our Oregon wolf lawsuit.  Enjoy!




One thought on “We Have Oregon Wolf Pup-age in 2013

  1. liu wai ling says:

    Please  protect  and  save  wolves  ecosystem  adn  habitat.  Their  population  is  endangered list.  respect  and  responsible  wolves  alive.  wolves  is  wonderful  and  beautiful  animals  .  They  have  right  and  feeling,  end  and stop  cruelty ways  to  their  alive.   ban  inhumne  hunting  or  trapping   to  the wolves  this  is  wrong  and  not  fair.   give  them  love  and  free.  peace  to  the  world .  do  teh  right  things.  don't  let  more  bloody  in  the  country.  Thank  you. 

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