Press release: U.S. House of Representatives passes Oregon Wildlands Act and other public lands bills

February 26, 2019 – Today, the U.S. House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed a sweeping public lands package that mirrors the version approved by the U.S. Senate (S. 47) on February 12. Included in the nation-wide legislation is the Oregon Wildlands Act, the Frank and Jeanne Moore Wild Steelhead Special Management Area Designation Act, the reauthorization of the Land and Water Conservation Fund, and many other public lands bills. The passage was lauded by business owners, conservationists and public lands enthusiasts across the country.

Press Release: U.S. Senate Passes Bills Protecting Wilderness and Wild and Scenic Rivers in Oregon

February 12, 2019 — Today, the U.S. Senate passed the Natural Resources Management Act (S. 47), a public lands package that includes the Oregon Wildlands Act (S. 1548), the Frank and Jeanne Moore Wild Steelhead Special Management Area Designation Act (S. 513/H.R. 1308), the reauthorization of the Land and Water Conservation Fund, and other bipartisan public lands bills. The Act now heads to the U.S. House of Representatives, where public lands users across the country are hopeful it will quickly pass.

Press Release: Oregon Wildlands Legislation Advances Through Key Senate Committee

October 2, 2018 — This morning, on the 50th anniversary of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act, the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources advanced the Oregon Wildlands Act (S. 1548) sponsored by Senators Ron Wyden (D-OR) and Jeff Merkley (D-OR). The legislation would designate approximately 108,000 acres of Wilderness in the Devil’s Staircase and Wild Rogue areas, protect 252 miles of river across Oregon as Wild and Scenic, and safeguard more than 119,000 acres of the Rogue and Molalla Rivers as National Recreation Areas. The legislation would also withdraw the famed Chetco River in southwest Oregon from mining.

Press Release: Sen. Wyden Drops Logging Turducken* Before Holiday

November 26, 2013 — Eugene-based Cascadia Wildlands today expressed disappointment with the O&C forest legislation released by Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) that affects management of over two-million acres of public forestland in western Oregon. The conservation organization believes that it is a bad deal for the environmental values that make Oregon special and is committed to working with the Senator to see it drastically improved.

Press Release: Devil’s Staircase Wilderness Passes Senate Through Unanimous Consent

June 20, 2013 — The US Senate has approved the creation of the 30,500-acre Devil’s Staircase Wilderness through unanimous consent, marking a major milestone in the long-running effort to protect this spectacular wild area in Oregon’s Coast Range.

Press Release: Congress Feels the Love for Oregon’s Natural Treasures

February 14, 2013 — A coalition of Oregon conservation organizations is applauding efforts by Senators Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley to re-introduce a package of protections for several natural areas in Oregon. Protection for the Molalla River, Oregon Caves, and other areas have been strongly supported by a broad spectrum of Oregonians for years, from local elected officials to fishing guides to rafting companies.