USFWS Draft Wolf Delisting Rule Exit Strategy not Recovery Plan

Statement of Cascadia Wildlands:
We are exceedingly disappointed in the Obama Administration, Department of Interior and US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) for abandoning science and the intent of the Endangered Species Act in their draft delisting proposal of the gray wolf in the lower 48 states. The USFWS's pandering to the livestock lobby and involvement in political games will certainly impede or altogether block the wolf's continued recovery throughout the West. 
This political maneuver by the USFWS not only threatens the gray wolf, but places in jeopardy any species that poses difficulty for a powerful DC lobby. The Endangered Species Act was a law built to uphold science and biology, but sadly the agency tasked with enforcing it has become a political tool. 
For Cascadia Wildlands this additionally unsatisfactory as we watch our landmark settlement on wolf management in Oregon come to fruition—ready to serve as a shining model of what should be.  Where are similar plans in place for California, Colorado, Nevada, Utah and Washington?  As many renowned wolf biologists have already pointed out, this rule as it stands is a politically expedient “exit strategy” rather than a scientifically defensible recovery strategy.  We expected better.
Bob Ferris
Executive Director
Cascadia Wildlands

2 thoughts on “USFWS Draft Wolf Delisting Rule Exit Strategy not Recovery Plan

  1. elie khoury says:

    Save the wolf please. Do not delist the wolf as endangered species, contrary they need protection and welfare.

  2. Corrine Nugent-Hayes says:

    I Totally Agree. Too Many Atrocities Are Happening In This World. None So New To Anyone. There Is A Shear Blanket Of Sickness That Has Taken Over. It's Vile, It's Vicious, Lack & No Respect For All Of Gods Creations. I Just Don't Know When Enough Will Be Enough. Mother Earth Is Showing Fatal Signs Each & Every Day That Passes…
    Having Wolves Most Of My Life, I Understand Their Spirits & Their Souls. They Understood My Spirit & My Soul. Their Spirits Will Sustain Me For All Eternity….Each Kill Brings A Painful Howl, A Collective Howl, That Anyone With A Heart Couldn't Be Moved By…
    'I Want To Know From Someone Higher Up In Power, How Many Killed, Mangled, Tortured Wolves Will It Take Before The Number Of Wolves Dead Or Severely Hurt Will Match The Funds That Seem To Be Lining Your Pockets. I Would Really Like An Answer So I Don't Keep Wasting My Breathe Asking You?  100, 1000, 10,000 , 100,000 , 1,000,000, Or Will Entire Eradication Please You More'!!! When All Wolves Are Either Dead Or No Longer Strong Enough To Be A Viable Member Of Their Pack, Our Ecological System Will Begin To Shatter. Whats Next, All The Buffalo's? These Atrocities By Mankind Are Not Humane, But Inhumane'…

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