OR-7 and Wanda are Parents!!

By Bob FerrisOR7+pups (1)
We are very, very pleased as new parents to announce that OR-7 (Journey) and his mate actually do have pups this year.  This is so, so exciting and makes it even more important to contact the California Fish and Game Commission regarding state Endangered Species Act listing of gray wolves because now OR-7 and Wanda have young and so we have a group of wolves whose Alpha male has visited California three out of the last four years.

2 thoughts on “OR-7 and Wanda are Parents!!

  1. Carla Porter says:

    Whatever state members of this wolf family end up in, I hope they will be protected legally.  Additionally I hope that local residents will make a genuine effort to coexist!

  2. bob says:

    They will likely use both CA and OR.  CA just covered them under their state endangered species act today.  As to the acceptance, that is the big hill we have to continually climb.

    Bob Ferris

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