Press Release: Wolves Return to Lane and Douglas Counties!

For immediate release March 21, 2019 Contact: Josh Laughlin, Executive Director, Cascadia Wildlands, 541-844-8182; Eugene, OR — Today, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife confirmed gray wolf activity through track sightings and remote camera images in the Umpqua National Forest north of Highway 138. The Indigo wolves are using a large wild area … Continue reading Press Release: Wolves Return to Lane and Douglas Counties!

Climbing the Quartz Timber Sale

The Quartz Timber sale is an 847-acre logging project set to take place in the Umpqua National Forest. The timber sale proposes to commercially log and burn older forest in the Cottage Grove Ranger District. We believe that insufficient consideration was given to the presence of imperiled spotted owls and red tree voles, both species … Continue reading Climbing the Quartz Timber Sale

Marching in Francis’ Army

by Josh Laughlin, Executive Director   I remember first meeting Francis Eatherington the day she rolled into an Earth First! road blockade high up on the Umpqua National Forest on her motorcycle. She was wearing a leather biking jacket, had a stack of timber sale maps under her arm, a compass dangling from her neck … Continue reading Marching in Francis’ Army