Press Release: Court Rules Logging Project Violates Endangered Species Act

October 4, 2022

Late Friday, a judge in the District Court for the District of Oregon ruled that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) justification for Bureau of Land Management (Bureau) timber sales totaling nearly 18,000 acres including in old growth forest violated the Endangered Species Act. The judge ruled against the Service’s claim that old-growth logging in the Poor Windy and Evans Creek timber sales on 15,848 acres of threatened northern spotted owl habitat would not harm the imperiled bird species.

Press Release: Court Halts Logging of Elliott State Forest Tract Sold to Private Timber Company

June 28, 2022 — Today, a U.S. District Court judge issued a ruling preventing Scott Timber from clearcutting old growth forest previously part of the Elliott State Forest. The court found that the proposed logging of the “Benson Ridge” parcel by the subsidiary of Roseburg Forest Products would harm and harass threatened marbled murrelets, in violation of the federal Endangered Species Act. The court’s ruling permanently enjoins logging of the occupied murrelet habitat.

Press Release: Legal Victory Saves Threatened Old-growth Forest in Southern Oregon

March 11, 2022 — The Medford District Bureau of Land Management (BLM) “Lost Antelope” timber sale would have: Removed fire-resilient old-growth trees located in the “Wildland Urban Interface” and increased wildfire hazard to nearby ranches, farms and communities. Conducted “regeneration” and “gap creation” logging activities that resemble clearcutting. Resulted in the establishment of dense young even-age timber plantations that tend to burn at stand-replacing intensity.

Press Release: VICTORY! Wolves’ Endangered Species Status Restored

February 10, 2022 — Today, a federal court restored Endangered Species Act protections for the gray wolf after they were eliminated by the Trump administration in 2020. The ruling orders the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to resume recovery efforts for the imperiled species. Today’s decision redesignates the gray wolf as a species threatened with extinction in the lower 48 states with the exception of the Northern Rockies population (map), for which wolf protections were removed by Congress in 2011.

Press Release: Post-fire Logging Halted on the Willamette National Forest

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEDecember 3, 2021 Contacts: Nick Cady,, 314.482.3746Meriel Darzen,, 503.525.2725Doug Heiken,, 541.344.0675 Judge Halts Post-Fire Logging near Breitenbush Forest Service Unlawfully Changed Logging Contracts Following 2020 … Continue reading Press Release: Post-fire Logging Halted on the Willamette National Forest

VICTORY! Court Halts Roadside Post-fire Logging Project

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASENovember 5, 2021 Contacts:Oliver Stiefel, Crag Law Center, Lead Counsel,, 503-348-7928Nick Cady, Cascadia Wildlands,, 314-482-3746Doug Heiken, Oregon Wild,, 541-915-2329Travis Williams, Willamette Riverkeeper,, 503-890-1683 Judge … Continue reading VICTORY! Court Halts Roadside Post-fire Logging Project